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PDF A0 print in the Copy Shop

You will receive your pattern in 6 sizes (36, 38, 40, 42, 44, 46)
Labeled in German and English.
Each size is prepared separately for printing on A0 sheets.

PDF tile printing, A4 printing convenient & clear

You will receive your pattern in 6 sizes (36, 38, 40, 42, 44, 46)
Labeled in German and English.

Each size is prepared separately for printing on A4 sheets.
So that you can easily cut and glue the sheets on the table, I group pattern pieces.
Each size folder of your pattern contains multiple PDF files, depending on the number of pattern pieces. They are optimized for clarity.

To open and print the files, you can use suitable software (PDF reader) or the Mozilla Firefox web browser.
You can print black and white in ink save mode.
Please make sure that the print settings are: Custom Scale with 100% .
To be safe, you will find a scale reference on the first and last sheet of the file, which you should remeasure.

Size guide

SizeBody heightChest measure.Waist measure.Hip measure.Sleeve length
36168 cm84 cm68 cm94 cm59,6 cm
38168 cm88 cm72 cm97 cm59,9 cm
40168 cm92 cm76 cm100 cm60,2 cm
42168 cm96 cm80 cm103 cm60,5 cm
44168 cm100 cm84 cm106 cm60,8 cm
46168 cm104 cm88 cm109 cm61,1 cm

The body height is set as a constant average value for normal clothing sizes.
If your body height deviates significantly from this average value, you may need to use patterns for special lengths.
In general, the size should be chosen based on the largest body measurement.
For example, if your hip circumference is size 38 in the table, but your waist circumference is size 40, you should choose size 40.
But the choice also depends on the model. For a loose dress, for example, the waist measurement is not that interesting. In this case, you should choose the size based on chest or hip measurement.
The pattern descriptions each contain an indication of which body measurement you should pay particular attention to when choosing a clothing size.

Comfort allowances (Ease)

In addition to the body measurements, comfort allowances are also calculated in every model cut.
These allowances are divided into three groups: the narrow fit, the semi-wide fit and the loose fit.

The patterns may be used for private purposes only. Reproduction and distribution are not permitted.
I have carefully checked the patterns for the clothing sizes.
For your personal use, you should always sew a test piece and make any necessary adjustments before cutting high-quality fabrics.
I assume no liability for damage caused by the improper use of my patterns.

Pattern Construction according to Müller & Sohn

Dina Werthenbach
Tailor and Pattern Maker